Princess Po’s Weekly Adventures

A what a week we have had.  Such fun with all the family. I went to work for a couple of days and then I took Princess Po out and about around our area as I hadn’t done this for her.

It is so fun to go on a walk as I get to walk in two different states where I live. Such a long walk. Hee hee. You can see the picture of the family standing on the gray path. That is actually the border of the two states so half the family was in one state and half the family was in the other state. We had heaps of fun taking photos of this.

We then went into all the shops and looked for things to buy except nothing popped out at us. Certainly saved some money. 

They were desperate to see the beach so we trotted across the road to the beach. Princess Po had seen the beach before a few weeks ago and knew what the sand felt like in her hooves so she raced down to the water with me running after her. Good think I didn’t have a video camera as it looked really funny with me chasing after the fillies.

After romping around in the water we went and sat on a bench where we rested for a while and watched the sunset. You can see in the photos how lovely it was. The sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful where we live. 

We walked back home after this as we were all getting cold. Food shopping on the way home and man can they eat as the shopping bill was quite high. Oh well. I suppose we need to eat and boy do we eat well.

Time for all of us to say good night as it is now very late. Good night from myself, Princess Po and our family.