A Day of Gratitude

i have started a gratitude challenge that will go for 365 Days and today is day 3. 

Today I am grateful for money which I consider abundance. I have never had much of a relationship with money as it comes into my life easily and also goes out easily. I was never taught how to budget, look after money, be grateful for money or anything else in relation to money.

Even though I am a casual nurse I still get enough money that I don’t have to panic about not paying my bills or being homeless. It also means that savings can be a problem because if one week is a bit less then any savings needs to pay the bills.

In the past I have really worried about money to the point where there have been times that it has been hard to sleep. 

Today I checked my bank account and then was less money then I thought. I had a few seconds of panic and then I actually laughed at myself. I realised that I have everything I need and that panicking was silly. Even now I can still laugh about it.

I have learnt a few skills in the course I have done and I used them straight away which is what hepled me laugh about my situation. 

All will be perfectly fine and I am so grateful for what I have and for what is coming my way. 

How do you feel about money and are you grateful for it?

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Random Acts Of Kindness

“When you carry out acts of kindness you get a wonderful feeling inside. It is as though something inside your body responds and says, yes, this is how I ought to feel.” Rabbi Harold Kushner.

Random Acts of Kindness are so much fun. You get to do something else for another person without any thought of the other person knowing what you have done.  By doing it anonymously you get to see the smile on their face and know that you have put that smile on their face.


Source: Whatchusplaygames.com

What can be a Random Act of Kindness?

  1. Paying for a coffee etc for the person behind you in the line.
  2. Sending a friend money without them knowing who it is from.
  3. Paying for a massage or something else for your female friend who doesn’t do anything for herself.
  4. A simple letter letting someone know how your feel.
  5. Sending money to a charity.
  6. Donating books to a charity.
  7. Spending a day volunteering.
  8. Helping someone with yard work.
  9. Leaving groceries on someone’s doorstep.
  10. Holding the door open for someone.
  11. Letting someone go ahead of you in the line.
  12. Make a new friend today.
  13. Smiling at people in the street.
  14. Volunteering your time at a shelter.

Anything you can think of is a Random Act of Kindness.  Why not practice some today and know that you have helped someone with your gift.


Source: AdrianaValero.blogspot.com