Why am I not grateful enough?

I should be so much more grateful, so why aren’t I?

I am really blessed in my life even with what has happened. My childhood wasn’t the best although it certainly wasn’t as bad as what I see in the media. My adult life has been reasonable although I have suffered with depression for most of it.

I have felt sorry for myself too many times in my life which hasn’t helped me to see the great things that have happened to me.

Through my job I have travelled parts of Australia and met some lovely people who I am still friends with. I have completed many wonderful courses that have changed my life. I love where I live as I see the river from my balcony and I have a short walk to the beach. I have bought many beautiful things that have helped me through the dark times and I have a wonderful business that is my passion.

Even with all of this I still don’t show enough gratitude. I look after people who have less then I have or their health is very poor and they are happy.

Does this sound like you as well? 

Let’s start a gratitude post for each day. You can find me on Facebook at Sacred a blessing Essences, Universal Wisdom and Happiness, and Naturally Made Expo. On Twitter I am @SacredBlessingE. On Instagram I am Darleen Redman and on Pinterest I am Darleen Redman.

I will start here.

Today I am grateful for: (Day 1 of 365)

  1. My beautiful walk along the river.
  2. Finding a great book that will help me write my program.
  3. That I hired movies to help me laugh.
  4. A beautiful lady in a shop that listened to my story, told me to keep going as she loved my passion and for giving me another idea for a course.
  5. Enjoying beautiful food.
  6. The interaction that I have on my social media sites.
  7. Grateful that my profession gives me the ability to travel.
  8. Finding an agency that will employ me so that I am able to travel.
  9. Having an iPad that helps me keep in contact with everyone.
  10. Enjoying a good beer (One Fifty Lashes).

What are you grateful for. Please feel free to comment and join me on my social media sites.