Princess Po’s Weekly Adventures

A what a week we have had.  Such fun with all the family. I went to work for a couple of days and then I took Princess Po out and about around our area as I hadn’t done this for her.

It is so fun to go on a walk as I get to walk in two different states where I live. Such a long walk. Hee hee. You can see the picture of the family standing on the gray path. That is actually the border of the two states so half the family was in one state and half the family was in the other state. We had heaps of fun taking photos of this.

We then went into all the shops and looked for things to buy except nothing popped out at us. Certainly saved some money. 

They were desperate to see the beach so we trotted across the road to the beach. Princess Po had seen the beach before a few weeks ago and knew what the sand felt like in her hooves so she raced down to the water with me running after her. Good think I didn’t have a video camera as it looked really funny with me chasing after the fillies.

After romping around in the water we went and sat on a bench where we rested for a while and watched the sunset. You can see in the photos how lovely it was. The sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful where we live. 

We walked back home after this as we were all getting cold. Food shopping on the way home and man can they eat as the shopping bill was quite high. Oh well. I suppose we need to eat and boy do we eat well.

Time for all of us to say good night as it is now very late. Good night from myself, Princess Po and our family.


The Frustration!!!!

The frustration is overwhelming at times. The frustration of never having enough money. The frustration of working with people that have never liked you. The frustration of not having a partner. The frustration of not letting go of fears. The list goes on.

I am sitting here in bed still in my pjs wondering what has happened. Has life passed me by? Am I doomed to to keep living this life that I am?

I have all the tools, skills, knowledge and techniques to move this crap on and learn the lessons yet it isn’t happening. Far out. This is ridiculous. Come on for goodness sake. Get a move on.

Hang on a minute. Who are you to tell me what to do? Anyway. Yeah. Who are you?

You don’t know who I am? Well that is just freaking great. You have only been speaking to me for years. Now I am feeling insulted or is it that you don’t want to know because it will scare the crap out of you? Is that it? Huh? Huh?

Crap. No I don’t want to know. Don’t make me. That’s it. Covers going over my head now.

You little shit. You have been seeking my help for so long and now when it is time for you to wake up and see your own reality you go and hide. Get out from under there. Now!!!!!

Argh. No. No. No. Don’t make me look. Shit. Oh god no. It can’t be. 

I don’t want to look at you. Please don’t tell me.

Yes. You know who I am. Come on. Open those eyes. It is okay. You need to understand what is happening and what will happen.

Why do I?

It is time for you to wake up. You have a big job to do and I am here to help you do that.

It’s scary though. How can little old me do it?

Come on sweetheart. I am here to hold you the whole time. I won’t let go. You just need to trust me.

I open my eyes and gently raise them. Oh god. It’s me. No. It’s me from the future and yet I am male. How can that be.

I am the male side of you from the future. The side that you need to embrace to be the powerful human being you are and can be. 

What? Why do I need to embrace you? I am female.

Yes you are. Yet you are also male. You are both. Without one or the other human beings remain unbalanced. There would be so much more happiness and laughter in the world if everyone embraced both sides. How beautiful is it to be one. To be both male and female. To embrace the joys of both. To be whole. To be complete. To be amazing. To be joy. To be laughter. To be a pure soul. Can you feel that? That is you. That is both of you. Look! Look! See the energy? It is gold and silver. Male and female. One and the other.

Oh god. I can barely take it. The energy is too much. It hurts because it is so much love. I don’t know if I can take that much love?

It is okay. Hold my hand. I am with you all the way. Be gentle. Open that beautiful heart of yours and let the love flood in. You can’t break as you are only love. That is all you are. A soul filled with love living in the human body. Have a look around.

At what?

Look. Open your eyes and see what is around you.

What? Who? How?

Ah. You are so beautiful with your wonder. Never loose that. These are the beautiful souls that have always been with you except you have never seen them because you have not been willing to be so open.

Oh my. That’s my boyfriend that died. My grandparents, my uncle. Oh my. I was never that close to my family when they were alive so why are they here now?

They have been through their own transformation when they went back to being a soul and have realised that they need to help you through your own transformation.

What!! Am I going to die? No!

Awwww. Sweetheart. No. The transformation of you waking up and stepping forward in life.

Oh. Thank goodness. That really scares me because even though life sucks at the moment I don’t want to go yet.

Good. We still have so much to do. Okay. Let’s go for a walk and feel nature. We need The energy that the Earth and Sun can give us. Comeon. Up. Up. Up

Princes Po’s Weekly Adventures

Celebration time. Woohoo

I love celebrating and especially when I get to celebrate with friends and family. It was a bummer that I had to work on my birthday this year except I got to celebrate a couple of times this week. Yeah. Life is great.

Princess Po came out to dinner with myself and my friends yet was to shy to be photographed. Not sure why. Maybe it was because there were two people she hadn’t met before. She get the introverted, shy bit from me as that is how I used to be before stepping forward and yelling “This is me. Love it or not.” That was a long time ago now.

My birthday was on Friday and Thursday night I went out with my lovely friends to celebrate the day. This is a photo me all done up and of all of us having fun.


Loads of fun and laughter was had that night. A great meal and then a lovely birthday cake at the end. I love my friends as they always make me feel so special. 

On Friday I had to work and I had many birthday wishes from everyone I worked with. It is so lovely that people do that. Princess Po came with me to make sure that I had a good day at work. I had to sneak her in as she is not allowed to go into work anymore due to her being a filly. We giggled lots at work as we were getting up to mischief and no one found out. Hee hee. Cheeky us.

Friday night Princess Po and our family helped me celebrate with loads of fun, laughter, dancing and food. I received birthday cards in the mail and they helped me open them. It is so lovely to still receive mail the old fashioned way. There is something special about opening physical mail and when you have cheeky fillies that rip it open with their teeth it is even more fun.

I was naughty as I ate chocolate afterwards in front of the family. Fillies can’t eat chocolate as it is bad for them and they can get very sick. I got a lot of looks and telling off from Princess Po especially. Ouch. Certainly told me what she thought. 

I turned the music up load to block that out and then we danced for ages and ages. Wow my filly family can really dance. Who knew. We went to bed after this as it was getting late. I am so grateful to Princess Po and family for helping me celebrate my special day.


Find joy in every moment and celebrate everything. Love life. Darleen Redman  

Ahhhh. Summer

“it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!” 
― Kenny Chesney


I so love Summertime with the beautiful weather, the long afternoons, the parties and more. I am blessed to live very close to a beach so I get to walk in the water and feel the sand underneath my feet. It is a time where I have more time off work to enjoy the days with friends.



Summertime is a great time to express yourself, to feel the faith in yourself and to trust yourself as you are the wonderful person who has created your reality and are continuing to create your reality.   What are your dreams for the future? Have you made any plans? Why not keep a journal on how you will achieve your dreams and writing in it everyday will keep your goals visible to the mind. 

What to write in the journal:

  1. What your dreams are.
  2. How you are going to achieve your dreams.
  3. Step by step on what you are going to do.
  4. Who can help you achieve your dreams.
  5. What equipment do you need.
  6. Anything else you can think of.

Why not find a beautiful journal like this and start writing today. Make time every day to do this at the same time to get into a rhythm of writing. Once you get into the rhythm you will find it extremely easier to do. Being Summer why not find that beautiful spot that you really love to write in your journal. It is best to write in your journal away from family and friends to reduce the distractions. Make today the day that you go out and buy yourself a beautiful journal and pen to write with.

Summer is a great time to start the activities that you have been putting off. What do you want to do?  Do you want to learn how to paint?


Do you want to learn how to scuba dive?


Do you want to travel?



Make summer the time that your dreams come true. You can do anything that you set your mind to and now is the time to do this. Be conscious of the fact that every word you say is creating your reality. Why not take a deep breath before you speak to allow time for your brain to unite with your heart so that you speak from your heart.  I have been blessed to have developed tools, skills and knowledge that I have learnt in the courses I have taken. Would you like to learn more about these? Pop on over to where you can find loads of information and where you can find the courses that I am going to teach.

Remember that Summer is a time to be enjoyed. Go out there and have fun. Take time off to be with you family and friends. Enjoy our beautiful Summer.