We all need happiness in our life. How do we get it!!!!

If in our daily lives we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. Thich Nhat Hanh

Happiness is something we would all love to have more of in our lives as we know how great it is for our health. Happiness certainly helps us to live longer and enjoy each moment in our life. How do we create more happiness in our life? In this post I will provide you with simple everyday things you can do to bring more happiness into your life.

The difficulties and hardships we face in life can be the making of us and provide the happiness we crave in our life. When we appreciate the difficulties and hardships in our life we are letting the universe and everyone else know that no matter what is thrown at you, you will turn around and say “yeah, whatever.”  I know you are all probably thinking that I have lost my mind in telling you this and I have no idea what I am talking about. I can tell you with absolute conviction that I do know what I am talking about. Since I was very little I have been thrown many difficulties and hardships and now, most of the time, I can now say “yeah, whatever.” You can read about my latest difficulty in my post titled “My heartbreaking journey with depression.”


Simple daily activities to invite happiness into your life.

  1. Change one thing about the way you begin your day. What can make it easier to get going on a positive note when you wake up?  The mood you wake up with sets the scene for the rest of the day so it is very important to start well. Here are a few ideas to help.  A) You could hang up a notice to yourself  with something that will make you laugh when you look at it.  B) Would you be happier in the morning if you had prepared the night before such as having your clothes out ready?  C) Why not set your alarm for ten minutes earlier  so that you can have a more leisurely start.  D) Having positive affirmations that you see as soon as you wake up. E) Placing a card with the words “What great adventures am I going to have today?” can help you to place yourself  into a an anticipatory mood where you see everything as an adventure.
  2. Become positively aware.  A) Be on the lookout for anything of a positive nature such as a person’s smile. B) Pay it forward such as buying a cup of coffee for someone else. C) Notice how other people ignore a put down or negative comment. By focusing on the positive your mood lifts.
  3. A pocketful of smiles. When you are feeling down remember a time that was filled with laughter, a joke or anything else that can make you laugh.
  4. Make time for yourself each day by slowing down.
  5. Have experiences that make you happy.
  6. Think of the happiest person you know and find out what they do to be happy.
  7.  Taking three deep breaths before reacting to a situation. This helps to change the vibration in your body to a higher level.
  8. At the end of each day do a happiness score, determine what made you happy, what didn’t, what went well. You can then journal to help make sense of the day.

These are simple techniques that you can do every single day. Enjoy bringing more happiness into your life.

Optimism is an attitude that buffers people against falling into apathy, hopelessness, or depression in the face of tough going.  Daniel Goleman