Why am I not grateful enough?

I should be so much more grateful, so why aren’t I?

I am really blessed in my life even with what has happened. My childhood wasn’t the best although it certainly wasn’t as bad as what I see in the media. My adult life has been reasonable although I have suffered with depression for most of it.

I have felt sorry for myself too many times in my life which hasn’t helped me to see the great things that have happened to me.

Through my job I have travelled parts of Australia and met some lovely people who I am still friends with. I have completed many wonderful courses that have changed my life. I love where I live as I see the river from my balcony and I have a short walk to the beach. I have bought many beautiful things that have helped me through the dark times and I have a wonderful business that is my passion.

Even with all of this I still don’t show enough gratitude. I look after people who have less then I have or their health is very poor and they are happy.

Does this sound like you as well? 

Let’s start a gratitude post for each day. You can find me on Facebook at Sacred a blessing Essences, Universal Wisdom and Happiness, and Naturally Made Expo. On Twitter I am @SacredBlessingE. On Instagram I am Darleen Redman and on Pinterest I am Darleen Redman.

I will start here.

Today I am grateful for: (Day 1 of 365)

  1. My beautiful walk along the river.
  2. Finding a great book that will help me write my program.
  3. That I hired movies to help me laugh.
  4. A beautiful lady in a shop that listened to my story, told me to keep going as she loved my passion and for giving me another idea for a course.
  5. Enjoying beautiful food.
  6. The interaction that I have on my social media sites.
  7. Grateful that my profession gives me the ability to travel.
  8. Finding an agency that will employ me so that I am able to travel.
  9. Having an iPad that helps me keep in contact with everyone.
  10. Enjoying a good beer (One Fifty Lashes).

What are you grateful for. Please feel free to comment and join me on my social media sites.

What do you attract in your life?


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. The Buddha

I am getting so frustrated with life as I am attracting what I am thinking. Man that sucks. I want to attract everything I desire and it isn’t happening. I now understand why as I have been looking at all of my thoughts since I have admitted to being depressed. I can now see why I haven’t attracted what I truly desire. Yes I do have fantastic thoughts but whenever a negative thought comes along I was concentrating on that instead of looking at the thought and then letting it go with gratitude.  When you are in a state that is not serving you then you focus on the negative thoughts much more than the positive thoughts.

I don’t make New Years Resolutions as I know that I don’t follow through on them. Instead I like to say thank you everytime something wonderful happens. There are days that I am fantastic at it and other days not so good at it.

If I want to attract what I truly desire I am going to have to continually keep an eye on my thoughts and ask for help from my friends when needed. That is the only way that life is going to continually get better for me.

What are some things you can do to attract what you desire?

  1. Keep a continual check on your thoughts.
  2. Keep a journal of your day.
  3. Ask for help as needed.
  4. Do courses that are going to help you with your thoughts.
  5. Do what you really love doing.
  6. Be creative as we need to nurture both our left and right brains.
  7. Be with friends at least weekly.
  8. Include more of what makes you happy each day.
  9. Exercising helps to produce more of the happy hormones.
  10. Having a healthy diet helps to shift through your “stuff” quicker.

These are just some ways that we can attract more of what we desire. Yah. Time for us to create an amazing life.