What a freaking journey! Crazy thing is that I will keep going

30 days ago, okay a few more than that, I started the “30 Day Blogging Challenge.” I actually enrolled in the middle of February and it took nearly a month before I started. 

Well once I started, well about a week or so after, I became addicted to blogging and I love it now. I have even discovered a love of writing short stories and eventually I will have my own novel/s. You can find all my short stories here My Short Stories

Every day during the challenge an email is sent with instructions for that day. I haven’t done everything although I have done most as I discovered that I enjoyed having themed days which helped me to plan ahead for the days when I was extremely busy or tired. You can find the link to the challenge here 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I have even started blogging for my filly Princess Po which has been great as I have been getting out and about photographing away. What fun and giggles we have. You can find all the blogs here Princess Po

I first started my blog a year and a half ago but never did much with it as very occasionally I would blog something although I never put much effort into it. The change came when I blogged in December about my depression. It was so great to finally let everyone know what had happened to me as it was so hard keeping the secret. You can find that blog here My Heartbreaking Journey With Depression

After writing that blog I knew I want to blog much more often and it was soon after that that I found the challenge. I was excited and scared at the same time as it meant that people would be reading what I wrote. What a big deal that was. It took a while to start the challenge and when I did well it grew a life of its own and what fun.

Are you wanting to challenge yourself with your blogging? Then this is the blog for you. All I can say is go for it and stretch your comfort zone. You never know what you may find inside of you.