The Base Chakra

I love writing about the Chakras as they are so vital to our well-being and helping to make life and enjoyable experience.  Two week ago I wrote about the chakras and how to feel their energy and you can find that blog here The Amazing Chakras

Today I am going to be writing about the first Chakra which is called the Base or Root Chakra. The first chakra is important as this is the grounding chakra.


This chakra helps to channel the energy upwards through the feet and legs to process and stabilise it. It then moves this energy on, up through the spine, now transmuted into a form that the body recognised as signals. This energy balances the endocrine system which comprise of the the gonads, ovaries and testes, through the release of hormones. When we do not get the full flow of this Earth energy, imbalance in our physical body can result.

When we are grounded, we are at one with life and we become intune with the beating heart of Mother Earth. The Base Chakra is associated with returning karma which is the sum of our experiences from previous existences. All karma is there for us to learn from and if we believe we get more than one chance at life then we are fortunate in that we can remember these lessons.

The base chakra act as the energetic recycling bin of our auric field. They change negative emotional energies into power and lights and return to Earth and ‘toxic waste’ that the other chakras cannot deal with, which helps to keep the rainbow purity of the aura. 


The kidneys, adrenals, pelvis, hips, knees, lower back, sciatic nerve and bowel movement.

Colours associated with the Base Chakra: Red

Element associated with the Base Chakra: Earth

Location: Base of spine, spinning down between the legs


Earthly abundance, prosperity, trust in the natural flow of life, stability, ability to relax, health, vitality, ability to let go, sharing, supporting and sustaining the planet and its inhabitants, security, feeling at home, eating slowly, physical and mental flexibility, generosity, optimism. 


Addiction to security, rigid boundaries, hoarding, attachment to material security, greed, stealing, gulping food, obesity, pessimism, waste, vandalism, stagnation, fear of the future and the ability to survive, self-absorption, instability, restlessness, homelessness, escapism, excessive financial worry, poverty, underweight, constipation and low energy.

Physical Communication Style of the Base Chakra: 

Communicates physical and emotional needs through real-life sensory impressions: aches and pains, physical awareness, touches, smells, vibrations, movements, feelings. May involve getting sick as a means to becoming aware of a problem.

Psychic Communication Style of the Base Chakra: 

Conveys informations regarding our mental needs through physical empathy, the registration of physical and feeling based sensations from sources that are perceived as not there. Can includes feelings of pains, illnesses; getting hit with smells, nausea, touches, vibrations that seem to come from nowhere. 

Intuitive Communication Style of the Base Chakra: 

Receives or sends physical sensations that makes us look at a soul or spiritual issue or need, causing us to sometimes experience an imaginary reality, as if we were really there (and yes we were). While these experiences are woven from psychic energies, they usually involve a higher learning and a call for a significant change in lifestyle.

Crystals to help the Base Chakra: Any red crystal or crystal for grounding such as Smokey Quartz, Black Quartz, Blark Tourmaline, Red Coral, Garnet, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Carnelian, Azurite, Bloodstone, Chrysocolla, Obsidian, Golden Yellow Topaz, Citrine, and Red Jasper.

Tools to help balance the Base Chakra: 

  1. For one month wear as much RED as possible. If nothing else you can just wear red underwear. Place red around the house, red flowers, red candles, wearing a red shawl at home, red shoes etc.
  2. Imagine sitting in a red bubble of energy
  3. Flirt
  4. Be outside for the sunsets. Imagine going into the red, immersing yourself in it.
  5. Listen to music, especially music with drums, bass, tribal beats, belly dancing, feet stomping kind of music.
  6. Dance every day.
  7. Tone a low “oooooh” sound.
  8. Wear or have around you the gems of agate, garnet, red coral, ruby, bloodstone, Smokey Quartz.
  9. Use the Sacred Blessing Crystal Essences of the above.
  10. Use essential oils of cedarwood for grounding and serenity, as well as marjoram and myrrh. To release blockages clove bud oil can help.
  11. Dance, swim, exercise outside in nature, do Tai Chi, garden.
  12. Eat red food and root vegetables. Drink red drinks, red wine.

Questions to ask to see if the Base Chakra needs balancing: (Answer yes or no to the following questions)

  • I exercise regularly
  • My diet is healthy and balanced most of the time
  • I’m comfortable with my level of prosperity and abundance
  • I take time to visit nature on a regular basis
  • I feel good about my body
  • I feel happy about how I earn my living – it is satisfying and enjoyable
  • I focus on today – I feel very connected and grounded to what I am doing at the time.


I am a beloved child of the universe and I deserve love, peace and security.

I open myself to receive the abundance of the universe.

I am open to receive and accept love.

I am open to receive and be nurtured by the powerful energy of Mother Earth.

I am a physical being and value my physical presences

I resolve to take care of my body and accept it as it is today

I value it as the physical temple in which I live and I will aim to provide for its needs in terms of food, rest, stimulation and general nurturing 

I am open to feeling safe and secure in my surroundings


Always listen to your body. It will never do you wrong

Why the heck didn’t I listen to my body? Would have saved a lot of money and heartache.

I went to see my regular beautician who unfortunately wasn’t available and then went to see another one. That one was also not available but they directed me to across the centre. When I went there they we free but I was then directed to a chair!!!! I have never been in a chair for a beautician and my body was screaming out no, no, no.

I asked if they had a room they used and thankfully they had just bought the shop across the centre. We then went into that room. Before the lady had even started she asked what I wanted done. This set of alarm bells as I have had my beautician always say how about this, this and this and this is the reason why. That was the second time I didn’t listen to my body even though it was screaming.

When they lady started my body started screaming again as she barely used and wax and instead plucked. Even though it was just my eyebrows it hurt. In the past I have had them plucked a little but mainly waxed. I had to tell her three times that they were uneven and too thin and still they were uneven. When she told me the price I nearly died as it was a lot more than I am used to. I questioned this and she didn’t budge.

When I got home there were a lot of hairs that were left behind so I had to pluck them myself. If I had just listened to my body I would have saved a lot of money and heartache. Next time I will except I will be booking in regular appointments with my beautician so that I don’t go through this again.

If your body screams at you, please listen to it as it may save you money and heartache.

Raising a Guide Dog puppy. An outsiders perspective.

I totally respect anyone who takes on the responsibility of raising a Guide Dog. My dear friend Jenny and her husband Pete have raised two puppies in the last two years for the Guide Dogs Association. Wow. What a responsibility. If anyone thought it would be like raising any dog well you would be in for a surprise. Firstly, there are so many rules that you must follow when raising a puppy as they grow up to be a very responsible dog who literally gives the vision impaired person their life back. Secondly, that puppy is with you 24/7 as the training does not stop. Can you imagine doing this? After seeing what my friends went through I couldn’t. Thirdly, you have to give this puppy back after a year. Can you imagine how hard it would be to do this after loving this gorgeous puppy? I certainly couldn’t. This is a picture of beautiful Noel who only a couple of days ago went back to the Guide Dogs Association to go through the next stage of his training. I will miss this cheeky little fellow. IMG_5358-1

How Princess Po came to be in my life

I can not believe it is already two months since Princess Po came into my life. It all happened on a beautiful day when I decided to go grocery shopping. I had a list in my head of the essential items that I needed as I wanted to make sure I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need.  It started out beautifully until I went down the isle where the notebooks were. As I am going down the isle I was pulled over to the children’s section and there she was. Packaged beautifully in a shiny bright package with the word filly on it.  Well I just had to buy her. I couldn’t resist that shiny, shiny package and in the basket she went.

I finished my shopping so quickly and raced home. I couldn’t tear the package open quick enough and when I did there was a sigh of relief. From myself and my new filly. Well she is a beautiful filly and when I looked at the name I had given her I distinctly heard a voice saying that is wrong. Well that surprised the crap out of me and when I looked at her there was a smile on her face. I knew then that I needed to come up with a name for her. For the life of me I couldn’t think of one and then I knew. Take her to work and my colleagues would help me.

Well off to work we went and we both were so excited as I could show her off to everyone. Well. Didn’t quite work out the way I expected when I got to work. Some people looked at me a bit strange, although I am used to that (my nickname is Clown Nurse). One lovely lady though took a shine to my filly and quickly came up with the name Princess Po. I heard the loudest YES in my head that I nearly fell off the seat. That was the name. Woohoo. I was so excited as I could now call her my her name.

Well after that she decided that she needed a check up from me and my fellow colleagues so here are a couple of photos of Princess Po getting a check up.


This is Princess Po on the box that holds the medicine cups. She knew that she would be taking medicine shortly and wanted everyone to know that it is okay and perfectly alright to take the medicine. What a wonderful filly.

Here she is taking her tablets. They went down so easily and Princess Po was a true Princess in every sense of the word. She is such a lovely filly and a great patient. Thank you Princess Po.

Here she is getting her temperature taken. Shocked me a little until I realised that as a filly her temperature is totally different to me. I had to Google to find out what normal was for her and thank goodness she was in the normal range. After this I had a few more colleagues coming up wanting to have a look at Princess Po as she was getting totally fussed over now. She certainly turned a few heads that day and since then.

We had such a great day at work helping everyone one out although it was tiring for Princess Po as she wasn’t used to such hard work like I am. We went home and just rested watching some telly after eating dinner. Then it was time for bed. 

Since that day Princess Po and I have been having such wonderful adventures but that is for another day.

From Princess Po and I wishing you a fantastic day filled with loads of love and laughter.

What do you attract in your life?


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. The Buddha

I am getting so frustrated with life as I am attracting what I am thinking. Man that sucks. I want to attract everything I desire and it isn’t happening. I now understand why as I have been looking at all of my thoughts since I have admitted to being depressed. I can now see why I haven’t attracted what I truly desire. Yes I do have fantastic thoughts but whenever a negative thought comes along I was concentrating on that instead of looking at the thought and then letting it go with gratitude.  When you are in a state that is not serving you then you focus on the negative thoughts much more than the positive thoughts.

I don’t make New Years Resolutions as I know that I don’t follow through on them. Instead I like to say thank you everytime something wonderful happens. There are days that I am fantastic at it and other days not so good at it.

If I want to attract what I truly desire I am going to have to continually keep an eye on my thoughts and ask for help from my friends when needed. That is the only way that life is going to continually get better for me.

What are some things you can do to attract what you desire?

  1. Keep a continual check on your thoughts.
  2. Keep a journal of your day.
  3. Ask for help as needed.
  4. Do courses that are going to help you with your thoughts.
  5. Do what you really love doing.
  6. Be creative as we need to nurture both our left and right brains.
  7. Be with friends at least weekly.
  8. Include more of what makes you happy each day.
  9. Exercising helps to produce more of the happy hormones.
  10. Having a healthy diet helps to shift through your “stuff” quicker.

These are just some ways that we can attract more of what we desire. Yah. Time for us to create an amazing life.


What you post affects everyone in a good or bad way

Social Media has such a large impact on our lives now that we are not even conscious of it anymore. Are you aware of how much what you post can affect a person?

It is very interesting looking at what people post on Social Media and especially Facebook with the posters that get shared. I have noticed lately that there is a real trend to post anything to do with the words stupid, idiot and many other negative derogatory words. Why would someone post something like that? What pleasure would you receive from posting these posters?

I am very careful about what I post on my pages, personal and business, as I know the impact it has on people from personal experience. I will only post something that is funny, uplifting, positive, powerful, wisdom and loving and if I see anything negative on my personal timeline I delete it. On my business pages I will delete anything that a person has posted if it doesn’t fit with what I want my pages to feel like. I have had many people thank me for being such an uplifting and inspiring person and to continue posting what I do as it has helped them get through hard times and keeps them going.

You may not understand the concept yet, although it has be talked about and written about a lot, but what you put out there whether it is said or written you attract. Why would you post about people being idiots or laughing because they are stupid. Everybody has their own path and no one is stupid or an idiot. There are unawakened and awakened people. Anyone whether awakened or not can be affected by words such as stupid and idiot. You have no idea what has happened in their life such as continually being called stupid throughout school.

It is time that we post videos, pictures and post that will support, guide and uplift people so they can see how amazing they are.

For anyone that is struggling I encourage you to not take notice of any posters that don’t help you and even go so far as to delete the posters, pictures and videos that bring you down. I am more than happy to delete anything that brings me down and if a particular person keeps doing it I unfollow them.

I want all of you to understand how amazing you are and to shine your beautiful light for everyone to see. Allow the Social Media to help you shine by following the tips I have provided. Shine beautiful people.


My heart wrenching journey with depression

I never thought that I would be a person who got depressed. I was way to strong for that so it could never happen to me. Well, heck, was I wrong.

I had been struggling with finances for a while which had gotten me down as I normally have enough money to not worry about anything. Without consciously knowing it I was sinking further and further down. Not having work or only getting a couple of days work meant that I was falling behind in the rent. On the days that I didn’t have work I didn’t leave the house and I didn’t even shower. It wasn’t until I couldn’t stand it any further or I got called into work that I had a shower.


It was so easy to just sit at home and play games or just look at Facebook. It took minimal energy and brain work to do this and was so easy just to sit on the couch. The more I did this the more I wanted to do this and was happy if I didn’t see anyone. I wasn’t seeing anything wrong with this as in the past I had been quite happy with my own company which is why I didn’t feel that I was slowly sinking into depression.

It wasn’t until I started crying a literally everything including my patients stories at work. When this started happening I then knew something was wrong but still didn’t want to admit it to anyone including me. I couldn’t be depressed. It wasn’t possible. No way. I got a little angry at myself for even thinking I could be depressed. Nothing was wrong with me. Not me.

This denial sank me even further into depression and I even got to the point where if there was an easy way out I would have taken it. I couldn’t be bothered though as it took to much energy which I didn’t have. I had a cousin commit suicide so I knew how devastating it could be but when you are in that zone you don’t remember any of this or even really care. All you care about is stopping the pain, whatever that is for the person.

For me it was the pain of loneliness which had been getting stronger and stronger. I have been alone for a while and whilst I had been quite happy with my own company I was over being alone. It had become too much for me and the depression kept getting worse. I had asked people for help stating “I have a block and can’t see what is happening.” Unfortunately no help was forthcoming as I believe people did not want me to be a mirror as they would have then had to look at their own “stuff” which could have been too painful for them. If felt so lonely asking for help and not getting any.

This picture shows exactly how alone I have felt and even now I have tears in my eyes as I look at this image as it is so painful feeling this alone. No one can know what you are going through as each person is individual in their lessons. I haven’t liked this lesson one bit and even now it still hurts.

A few things has helped me to slowly work my way out of the black hole and one of them was learning how to make my own soap. After I had gotten into financial trouble some beautiful people on a Facebook Soapmaking Group generously sent me soap making supplies that allowed me to continue making soap. Without this I really don’t know how I would have continued. Having something tactile to do such as Soapmaking, knitting, building things etc can really help someone that is depressed as it gives them something to do without thinking of being depressed.

Another thing that helped in the last couple of days was having a dear friend come down and help me declutter my stuff. I had collected a lot of stuff over the last few years and kept putting off throwing the stuff out. It has taken two days to go through the rooms and garage sorting it out and I still have to organise what is left but already I can feel the energy changing in myself and the unit. I am still struggling and even now feel like crying. The pain is still there in a large amount and really hurts. It will take a while for for it to get better due to me denying that the depression was even there. I have started looking at the world with new eyes which is a much better place to be.

The biggest step that you can take with someone that has depression is hearing their cry for help. Even if you are not in a place to help then why not contact another friend that maybe able to help. Knowing that you have friends that can help you really helps a person from sinking lower into depression. You can always help someone even if you don’t think you are.

“You may feel that you are alone because that is how it feels. You are never alone and remembering this is an important step in realising that depression is a problem. You will be okay”