Darleen has been working with many healing modalities over the years and found that by incorporating all of the modalities into one the healing was so much more powerful. After completing the Medical Intuition Modules a few years ago Darleen knew that she had found the one modality that was transformative and was very successful in assisting the clients to self realise what was happening in their lives. After finding how amazing the healings were with herself and her clients Darleen went on to complete the Teachers Course and now teachers Modules I to III.

Darleen also has the privilege of conceiving beautiful and amazing crystal essences. These essences can assist with any issues that you have in your life by helping you to see everything with new vision. With over 47 essences as well as making personal essences there is an essences for every situation. You can find more information at Crystal Essences More information about the essences can be found in the notes section on the page.

On her Facebook Page, link above, there are links to the events and workshops that Darleen is conducting this year. The first workshop is a Vision Board Workshop where you can lap earn all of the tools, techniques, tips and skills in making a vision board which helps you to keep you vision in your sight at all times. A Christmas Essences Sale is on at the end of November and there are amazing specials to be had on the day.

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