How amazing you are.

I have decided to share some of my story to help you realise how amazing you are and that you have so much to share with the world. It took me a long time to see my own potential and realise how amazing I am and these are some of the reasons.

The first thing was I felt that I was never good enough and that I had no knowledge to share. I had put other people up on pedestals and felt that I could never be as good as they are. This had stemmed from childhood and it took me a long time to realise that everyone was wrong and to heal all of this.

The second this was that I had no confidence in myself which meant that I had a low self esteem. The confidence came when I started to look at everything that I had done in my life including getting a degree. This helped me to realise that I wasn’t stupid. I am not saying that anyone without a degree is. What I am saying is that is what it took for me to realise how amazing I am.

The third thing was that I wasn’t really happy. I may have been showing the world that I was and deep down I wasn’t. I have certainly had my black days where I have gone “what the hell is happening with my life.” I am grateful that I have never spiralled down into the deep depression where I have never wanted to come back up. I think there has always been a spark inside of me that would never allow me to become clinically depressed. It is this spark that has slowly become bigger and bigger to now be a very bright light.

Whenever I am out and about and I am feeling great I have many people look at me, smile, say hello or just stare. I absolutely love this because I know that my light is shinning brightly and the people are not sure what they are seeing, they just know that they want to see more.

I hope that this has encouraged you and helped you to realise how amazing, wonderful and beautiful you all are. 💕💞


How do you nurture yourself?


Have you thought about how you nurture yourself? Why would you even want to nurture yourself?  For many years I have been the helper, the person who is always there for other people and never myself.  I thought this was the way to live life until I completed the Medical Intuition course and then realised that there was another whole new way to live.

When you realise that the only way you can help others is to help yourself and learn to nurture yourself then you have reached a whole new level of understanding.  Nurturing yourself is different for everyone and finding this can be a wonderful journey. For myself it took a while to realise what nurturing even was let alone how to nurture myself.

What does nurturing mean? According to the Maquarie Dictionary is nourishment and this can be for your body, your mental being and your soul. There are many ways that I nurture myself now. For me it can be as simple as making a day just for myself and doing what I really want to do such as learning a language or getting a massage.  By doing this I enjoy each day so much more and my relationships with my friends, family and colleagues has become so much more harmonious.  Today is the day to start nurturing yourself.